About me

My name is Amanpreet Wadhwa (BSc, RTC). I am a Registered Therapeutic Counsellor, based out of Calgary, Alberta. I started my professional career as a Computer Scientist, and worked in this field for 20 years. While working as a computer professional, I also raised two children along with my supportive husband. While life was great on paper, I was struggling with some health issues. Juggling life as a full-time worker and parent was taking a toll on me.

I was burnt-out, felt inadequate in all aspects in my life, and was just “getting by”. The vitality in life was missing for me. That was until I started on a therapeutic journey of my own. With the help of my counsellor, and other supportive people in my life whom I could really lean on, I was able to nurture myself back to health.

The journey of coming back to health made me fall in love with the counselling profession. It created a spark in me that I was missing for quite some time. I found a new purpose in life that was larger than just myself. It helped me discover the nurturing part of me that was always there even as a child when I looked after my young cousins and sibling, and even some adults in my life. It took some luck, some guiding hands, and some will-power of my own to land me where I am today. I am happy to have been on the journey that I have because the fruits that I bear today are sweeter because of it.

I am here to help you work through whatever challenges you may be facing, because we can all use a little helping hand to guide us along the path we all know deep inside of us.

I am a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a computer scientist, and a counsellor, and I am here to walk alongside you on your own journey to health.

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